Our Mission Statement

Jerusalem Stone Group provides individuals, architects, designers, contractors as well as investors in the construction business, with the best quality Jerusalem Stone.We produce tiles, cladding, slabs as well as custom cut pieces of architectural elements. Furthermore we produce columns and cornices upon request, suiting your needs while providing you with a large selection of Jerusalem stone and finishes. Our products are cut from first grade Natural Lime stone blocks.


The line and quality of products we bring to the United States as well as the Gulf area, and other parts of the world, are going to be setting the next standard in the industry with our competitive price original Jerusalem stones you won’t find anywhere else.Our machines are top of the line equipped machines which result in an outstanding cut, tone and finish of our products. We have two major lines for tile and slab production. In addition to a major facility that has special equipments as well as CNC machines producing artwork stone pieces, in addition to artistic carved panels.


Our company is committed to grow in the market, as we are always looking for room for developments and adding new products and lines.Handling every aspect from transportation to the fabrication of stone and tiles we strive for excellence at every corner. We are always excited to be bringing the finest old world stones into the current age, linking the past to the present while providing a new gateway into the future.Our company is committed to deliver on time, no matter how big or small the project is.


With our professional team of architects and engineers we offer not only production of stones, but our team  is equipped to work on designs as well as producing work tickets and supervision when needed. In addition our professional artisans are experienced in producing specialty work such as custom fireplace mantles, decorative railing and columns and are ready to face any new challenge. Our competitive prices are opening new markets all over the world.


Our factory provides top safety conditions for our employees; we have opened new job opportunities to workers as well as carvers, providing them with good job conditions in and environment friendly factory.


We aim to always exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction.We will be happy to consult with you on any proposed projects and leave you with no doubt that Jerusalem stone Group is your only source for all your needs.